Rabu, 02 November 2011


"If you don't have a time to check on me, I'll understand.
If you're too busy to call, I'll understand. 
If you're late on a date, I'll understand. 
If you don't keep a promise, I'll understand.
If you always pretending like there's nothing between us, I'll understand.
If you don't want listen to my story, I'll understand.
But if i'm stop loving you, its your turn to understand"

I'll always understand you. I'll try the best. But, i'm not that strong. My heart is fragile. You can't tore my heart apart into pieces. I'm really really begging you to understand. When i'm not there for you, its your turn to find another girl. You should know, no one will understand you, like i do.

I just want you to understand me. I just want you to listen all my story. I want you to do all the things that i do. 

I just want a happy ending story. I just want you to be my best boy friend. 

You should know, i love you so much. But if i'm leaving you, its your turn, to understand me :)

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