Kamis, 08 Desember 2011


Quote Of The Day, via: Twitter & weheartit.

----- "@ispeakfemale: 'I never meant to hurt you.' 'Well, i never meant to fall in love with you, but i guess we all make mistakes."
Very very AGREEE!!I ryl ryl nvr meant to fall in love with you.. and yes, i guess i made a mistakes to fall in love with you.

----- "@ispeakfemale: I bet that one day when you're alone, you'll look back and think to yourself; "Man, She really cared, and i just walk away."
Yessss.. Asssss. I really2222 want you to think that. i want u regret for what u've did to me dudeee!

---- "Relationship last long not because they're destined to last long. Relationship last long because two brave people made it as their choice"
I want him to be brave. And i want i'm braver enough to face this reality. Its hurt of being ur boyfriend. But i'll try to make our relationship last long.

---- "It sad to see that two close people don't recognize each other anymore. Not because they grew up, but because they grew apart."
YESSS! I'm agree. very agree. and its so sad if that bad things is happen with me.


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